What happens next?

Booking in at the Visitors Centre

 When you arrive at the Visitors Centre a member of staff will check your ID and take your thumb scan and photo. Your thumb is then scanned again when you enter the prison and when you exit the prison as a way of identifying you. It also speeds up the checking in process.

 This information stays on the computer for the next time that you book a visit. When you arrive for your next visit you will be required to fill out the form and scan your thumb. You must always bring your ID in case the system is not working, as it will need to be checked again.  It is a condition of entry that you comply with the biometric security system. .

What you can take in on your visit

 When your ‘booking in’ number is called, the only items you can take into the prison is your signed open visiting order, up to £15 in coins in a clear bag and a locker key. If you are bringing a baby on the visit you can also take a bottle, nappy & dummy.

You are only allowed to wear wedding/engagment ring and small studs or hoops. All other items of jewellery must be put into the locker, this includes your watch.

If you are claiming back your travel expenses you will also need to take your confirmation form to be stamped. You are not allowed to give anything to the person you are visiting.

 Everything else must stay in the lockers at the Visitors Centre, this includes cigarettes, lighters, note money, keys, hats, sunglasses, chewing gum, mobile phones & travel cards. You must only wear one pair of trousers and you are not allowed to wear steel toe cap boots.