All visitors over 16 years old must provide Identification

Acceptable forms of identification:

One of the following with a recognisable photograph:

  • Driving licence photo ID card
  • Passport (including foreign and time expired passports
  • EU identity card Immigration/HM Customs photo card
  • Current employers cards (must show name, photo, signature and the employer must be known to exist
  • Citzencard

Alternatively two of the following are required:

  • Birth or marriage certificate
  • Recent utility bill
  • Recent bank statement
  • Paper driving licence (old style, not paper part of photo licence)
  • Young person's proof of age card
  • Trade Union or National Students' Union membership card
  • Foreign identity or resident's card
  • Medical card  (not E111 card)

 The prison does not accept letters as a forms of ID including police, benefits, solicitor etc. Student ID cards are not acceptable forms of ID.